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Hello everyone! New to the community.

Recently discovered The League of Gentlemen about 2 months ago. I can't believe I've never heard of them before. Now, I LOVE this show. I'm a huge horror fan and just fell in love with the entire aspect of LOG. Never have I seen such a talented lot on any show. I was impressed that it's 3 guys doing the majority of characters and write the entire thing themselves. Now that's talent. Oh and thanks to Youtube, I managed to find the Live on Drury Lane performance. It was great. I wish I had lived in England at that time of the tours. That would have been such a wonderful memory to have.


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 Hey everyone. Im new to live journal so just getting the hang of the place ^_^   although Im certainly no stranger to the gents. Been a fan for years and have repeatedly met the guy ( one of the perks of living in london) 

Did anyone go and see Mark in 'All about my mother' by any chance. I thought the show was brilliant both technically and performance wise - although Mark did remind me of Iris quite a bit  which made  me chuckle. He was such a gent after when he signed my programme - suave and charming like always ;)

Btw are any of you signed to the localshop forums??

Anyone for exchange?

Hi guys!

I happen to have a spare, brand new copy of "The League... are Behind You" DVD, and I’d love to rather not sell it but exchange for something else League-related. I have all the League’s official videos, but none of their books, for example. I’d also be interested in Mark Gatiss’s novels and films that Mark was in.

I’d send internationally to any country. Anyone interested, contact me
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I stumbled across the series 1 and 2 DVDs at my library last Friday. I was familar with Mark due to Doctor Who, (although, what the hell was up with The Idiot's Lantern? Geezus. I suppose Unquiet Dead makes up for it. Most of S2 was rubbish, wasn't it? What was RTD smoking? Eek! Tangent.) and recongised Steve from a few of of his other roles, so reasoned to myself that it can't be that bad.

Cut to a few hours later, and I've watched the entire first season and am completely obsessed and in love. I've now watched series1&2, and 1 again with commentary.

I'm currently studying German, so Herr Lipp amuses me very much, mostly because that's probably what I sound like when I try to talk in German.

Also, at the moment, I'm doing asking for directions, public transport, etc, and I have to keep saying Ich bin ein Fremder/Ausländer, which translates to I am a stranger/foreigner... Which obviously amuses me to no end because Edward and Tubbs are absolutely brilliant characters.

Anyway, I am tragically alone in my love of this and need some more LoG friends! I love... Doctor Who and all the usual British comedies. I have a soft spot for history, and design. Come on. You know you want me. :D
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i would LOVE to see some LoG icons with text quotes on them, or maybe even moving .gif ones.

if you've ever made any like this, or have any links to any others, could you please let me know?
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I'm a long time lurker who has really enjoyed reading the posts here. I'm glad to have finally joined though! :) I've been a fan of the LofG for quite a while now, my favourite series is series 2. Was I the only one who was really disappointed when Edward and Tubbs got run down by a train at the beginning of series 3? :(.

Admittedly, introducing myself wasn't  my only motive for this post... So please forgive me, but I'm trying to find some inspiration -  I've finally found a working fanmail address for the Gents and I'm planning to write a letter some time soon, asking for autographs (I collect autographs of those whose work I admire). I'd planned to write as if I were Geoff Tipps, asking them how to get into comedy, but I've discovered I'm not as creative as I'd like to be, and haven't got a clue how to go about it! 

Any ideas? And also, do you think the Gents would see the funny side and appreciate such a letter?

Thank you for reading this post, and for any help you may be able to offer. :)

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Hi I'm in desperate need of the music from The League of Gentlemen by Joby Talbot for a lighting project at school does anyone know where I can find any?

Any of the seasons or someone who bought the movie soundtrack i would but they don't sell it in Canada